Prototype#4 temperature(duel), humidity, pressure, and light levels, windspeed -- Out Side:

*1-5-2019 WX UP AND RUNNING!

Last Reading (Pacific Time):

07/26/2020 17:05:57

Wind Direction out of order

Voltage: 8.21

33 C / DewPoint 19.66 C

Temp:DewPoint: Temp
Wind ChillHumidity:Pressure:Est.
Cloud Base:
(in lux):
Speed kph/mph
91.4 F67.388 F 24.0191.40 F 33.3 %30.1298 in 5,4575,470 3.82/2.3720

Last 24 hrs of readings(12 Measures per hour)

Agerage Temps/Difference (between min/max temps):
0 results

Average Humidity/Difference (from min/max):
0 results

Pressure/Pressure Diff (between min/max) in last 24 hrs:
0 results

Light in LUX/Difference (between min/max lux per hour):

Wind Speed mph/Difference (between min/max in per hour):
0 results


Pressure since last hour staying the same

Rate of increase or decrease (24 max, -24 min), closer to 0 means not much change: 0
24 hr Pressure staying the same

Total records recorded: 269413

Updated 01/05/18 - converted to all mysql now.
Updated 01/22/18 - Added Lux and Wind graphs and fixed formating issues (still a few more to go).

*4-16-2018 replaced pieced together wind speed gauge with 3d printed one. Works much better at higher speeds.

*5-5-2018 Updated housing and light sensor assembly.
Light sensor now has parabolic dish that looks at a wide area of the sky and then is focust on light sensor.

*9-10-2018 Major Update on windspeed gauge.. I've changed from infared sensor to hal effect sensor,
reduced electronics dramatically, from 12 items to just 2, increasing reliability.

*12-13-2018 Moister and wind direction out of order till after move

New 3d printed windspeed photo (has recorded up to 30mph)
New layout Update 5-14-18
New 3d printed Housing
old Layout photo Battery is now protected and not allowed to exceed 8.2v or below 6v
old WX Station photo (prior to set up with case and old wind speed)
*New* - Test solar panel live data
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